TranSend Solutions Ltd

TranSend Solutions help companies monitor and manage their product and service delivery operations including the management of subcontractors, agency drivers and mobile field workers.

Services Include:
  • A configurable “proof of delivery” app with intelligent workflow running on either ruggedised PDAs and consumer smartphones or tablets (Android or iOS platforms) to manage proof of delivery (ePOD) or Job Management processes
  • Real-time, web-based delivery management and monitoring software covering route planning, route optimisation, tracking, customer services, driver compliance and KPI dashboards providing a single end to end view of the operation
  • Our expertise in supply chain integration ensures that your delivery data is automatically updated in your back office systems
  • TranSend Solutions provide a single-source solution including software, hardware, technical infrastructure, communications and device management, guaranteeing system uptime and data accuracy for business critical operations
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TranSend Solutions Ltd
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